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Tom Mitchell started in the infomercial business in 1995. He co-produced the TTouch show with Phil Scarpaci and Thane Marketing. It featured Jane Fonda and is one of the most successful pet related infomercials to date. Tom has joint ventured with Scarpaci/Kelly productions on numerous projects since.  

Tom also worked with Jeff Wycoff of Sirius products, the creator of the astoundingly successful two minute spots for Zap, Restore Four and Minute Groom.  

Additionally, Tom spent five years conducting two comprehensive FDA clinical trials for the first medically approved saliva ovulation tester. PR for the product included front page of the Wall Street Journal, twenty segments on CNN and 1000's of TV, magazine and Internet news stories. He has brought products to market both online and retail with such vendors as Target and Costco. Tom also has unique experience with manufacturing in China.  

Tom works with print and digital media, marketing, branding, public relations, and sponsorship. His commitments build customer relationships, loyalty and continuity based on trust and confidence.   

Tom, his wife Samara and their two daughters, Malia and Kiana, live in on the Big Island in Hawaii.  


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